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There are 3 basic types of health hazards associated with bats in Illinois. 

Rabies,  like other mammals, a small percentage of bats contract rabies. Exposure to the rabies virus is remote if contact with bats is avoided and pets are properly vaccinated. If a bat is in your home and has potentially bitten someone, you need to capture the animal for rabies testing. 

Histoplasmosis is an airborne fungus disease that can grow in pigeon and bat droppings or feces called bat guano. Human inhalation is usually the result of stirring up dust that contains contaminated fungus spores. Guano should only be cleaned up by trained personnel with the proper safety equipment.

Bats are also host to Ectoparasites such as bat bugs (aclose relative of the bed bug). Ectoparasites can be controlled by an insecticide treatment to the roost after the bats are evicted.

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